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Industrial Loading of Heavy Equipment


A Strategic Partner to Solve Your Toughest Challenges

From food grade and hazmat bulk products to intermodal and dimensional shipments, rely on our Precision team for the experience and insight to do the job right.


What Are Your Challenges?

Precision manages logistics requirements across virtually every industry. Our customized solutions to transload, process, and store products are based on a thorough assessment of each customer’s requirements.


At Precision Terminal Logistics, we have experience in transloading large volumes of food & agriculture products including grain, rice, corn gluten meal, flour, sweeteners, and oilseeds.  Our experience includes supporting domestic U.S. shippers, as well as experience in supporting international customers that are importing and exporting agriculture and food products. Some of our locations can store bulk products and packaged products in the agriculture and food industries. Whether by rail, barge, ocean container, or truck, we have the transloading of your products covered. At Precision we specialize in custom designed solutions that enable the cost effective and efficient movement of your agriculture and food products worldwide. We can handle dry bulk, liquid bulk, and dimensional agriculture products for a variety of transportation modes utilizing our fleet of specialized handling equipment like portable rail/truck conveyors and liquid bulk pumping systems, product heating/steaming, and other specialized handling equipment.


Throughout our network, including our New Orleans Warehouse facilities at the Port of New Orleans, we have extensive experience in handling both ferrous and nonferrous metal products for both domestic and international customers. Our handling capability with metals extends to rolled steel products like cold rolled and hot rolled coils. We also handle flat steel products like steel plate, sheet piling and pipe.  On the nonferrous side, we handle large volumes of zinc, aluminum, lead, and copper products for cross dock movements and for long-term storage and distribution. Many of our terminal locations are built to handle the weight requirements and our inventory tracking systems are state-of-the-art for accurate point to point visibility and tracking. We also have the equipment to accommodate efficient and safe handling of your metal products.


Our expertise extends across a wide range of chemical commodities, including petrochemicals, plastics, and hazardous materials—oxidizers, corrosives, combustibles, and flammables—handled from terminals positioned close to the largest population centers in the United States. 


We provide services to companies that produce, extract, transport, market, refine, and distribute a variety of liquid and dry bulk energy products—including ethanol, refined fuels, frac sand, crude, and crude oil transloading from rail to pipeline, tankage, or highway and at refineries, terminals, and in the field. We also have capacity to support transloading products needed to support bio-diesel and other renewable fuel projects including bleaching earth (clay) and diatomaceous earth (DE). 


At Precision Terminal Logistics, we have significant experience in handling forest products including rolled pulp and paper, Baled Pulp, rolled corrugated packaging products like Kraft Liner Board (KLB), and other specialized packaging materials. We also handle bundled lumber, bundled plywood and OSB at several of our locations. Our facilities manage significant tonnages of forest products for international supply chains. We also can help with railcar transloading, and storage of forest products for various manufactures and distributors. We utilize a state-of-the-art inventory management system that supports EDI connectivity with the manufacturers and distributors, as well as barcode scanning and roll ID and package ID tracking.


We keep your aggregates supply chain—including cement, fly ash, rock, slag, gypsum etc.—flowing efficiently and on time with the right equipment and strategic locations.  Across our U.S. network we handle limestone, clays, sand, gravel, diatomite, kaolin, bentonite, silica, barite, gypsum, and talc.  Precision handles core materials, supporting the success of America’s critical mining operations.

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