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Everything we do starts with SAFETY and QUALITY

Our approach is to join these two areas together since they follow a similar process. PTL has recently been approved to become an American Chemical Responsible Care Partner.

We at PTL have our own policies in place but are prepared to adapt for all customer requirements (for instance Emergency/Facility Response Plans and Security Plans).
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PTL Safety and Quality Principles

  1. We believe in our Core Values of Safety, Quality, Honesty, and Efficiency.

  2. We believe in our policies and processes and that our policies and processes are everyone’s responsibility.

  3. We believe that Safety/Quality failures are caused by unsafe conditions or unsafe acts (Variances). For each near miss there could be several variances. We can “Manage Beyond Zero” if we eliminate variances before an incident.

  4. We believe that we have the obligation and authority to “Stop” any work if we cannot do that work in a safe and quality manner for any reason whatsoever.

  5. We believe in critical self-evaluation and continuous improvement –leaving the situation better than we found it celebrating successes along the way.


From supply chain services to 3rd Party Terminal Operations to Industrial Processing and Storage & Warehousing. Precision Terminal Logistics is your provider when it comes to transloading services.

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