Moving Product Safely & Efficiently

When you need to move non-hazardous and hazardous, bulk, liquids or solids in the best ways possible, we’re Precision Terminal Logistics, we’re experts in Transloading Services.

Transloading services allow you to offer a competitive advantage by letting us worry about the transfer facilities

As North America’s premier materials handling and terminal management company, we have the skills and experience to meet customers’ most demanding schedules for delivery, production or any other purpose.

transloading aggregate

Transloading Service Options

Barge Services

  • Barge to Truck
  • Barge to Railcar
  • Barge to Storage Facility
  • Barge to Barge

Railcar Services

  • Railcar to Truck
  • Railcar to Barge
  • Railcar to Storage Facility
  • Railcar to Railcar

Truck Services

  • Truck to Railcar
  • Truck to Barge
  • Truck to Storage Facility
  • Truck to Truck

Storage Facility Services

  • Storage Facility to Railcar
  • Storage Facility to Barge
  • Storage Facility to Truck

We handle all kinds of Commodities. Although we are not limited to the list, we have extensive expierience with some.

Commodities Handled

To find out how we can use our expertise to your competitive advantage, call 412.530.1700 or e-mail

non-hazardous hazardous bulk liquids solids
non-hazardous hazardous bulk liquids solids
non-hazardous hazardous bulk liquids solids
transloading rail to truck
transloading railyard
transloading barge to truck

Services Offered

We manage terminal operations so you can focus completely on your core business.

Terminal Operations Services

We have the expertise to engineer, build and manage processing facilities for any kind of product that requires value-added services at the point of shipping.

Processing Services

When you need a safe and secure storage area for that protects your product from theft, damage, and contaminations, depend on us for the ideal storage solution.

Storage Services

When you need to move product safely and efficiently, we’re the ones who can do anything, anywhere. If it needs to be done right, we get it done.

Logistics Services

We learn about your requirements and translate them to a customized, cost-effective and state-of-the-art transloading terminal.

Site Development Services